What You Can Expect

We never assume. We ask permission for everything.

What room to clean first, where to park our van, etc. You won't be rushed or offered any confusing gimmicks.

We will offer our expertise, suggestions, and guidance.

We'll ask you to show us the areas to be cleaned and review those areas of concern with you. After the pre-inspection, we'll communicate our findings and explain what can be done to take care of these areas.

We'll add protective tabs to all furniture legs which prevents any staining on your carpets. We'll groom your carpet to help it dry, while improving it's overall appearance. We'll use a preconditioner that is safe for your carpet and love ones. Your carpet should dry within 6-8 hours (at an indoor temperature of 70-72 degrees). We can provide you with free plastic booties to wear over your shoes, if you must walk on it earlier, and provide a free lane of paper walkway.

No dirty boots!

Ever had a Service Tech walk into your home wearing dirty, grimy boots? That will never happen with Ameri-Brite!

We wouldn't do it in our home and we won't do it in yours! Even though OUR BOOTS ARE CLEAN, we take the extra precaution of wearing clean booties over our boots!

Hire a Certified Professional!

Call us at 609-620-1010

You'll be glad you did!


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